Providing ongoing support to maintain your focus on safety

Your needs for Safety Xchange services will be specific to your business and your budget. Whether you choose one of our services packages or we tailor our service to suit your specific needs, you will always benefit from access to a dedicated helpline that connects you with our experienced safety consultants who will answer any questions you may have.

From time-to-time you may find that special safety needs arise. It is our aim to assist you wherever possible. We are able to:

Ongoing safety support for your business
  • Represent you at legal proceedings
  • Assist with workplace injury management
  • Work with you on return-to-work plans for injured workers
  • Join your safety committee if necessary

Safety in the workplace is a constantly evolving topic. To ensure you keep up-to-date, we will send out regular notifications alerting you to case studies, changes in the industry and updates to legislation.