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How can Safety Xchange help you improve your workplace safety?

Ensuring that workplace safety is a top priority in your business is the key to providing a safe workplace. The Safety Xchange consultancy service aims to help you place a focus on safety to ensure you meet your safety obligations to your employees as well as being compliant with workplace health and safety legislation.

Service packages for compliance with workplace health and safety legislation.

Whether your operation is small or large, we can provide advice and ongoing support to help you develop and refine your safety management plan. Our service assists in completing workplace risk assessments and safety audits, providing training for you and your staff, creating safe work policies and procedures and developing safety plans specifically tailored to your organisation.

We work collaboratively with you in person or over the phone to ensure your investment in safety is matched to your budget and the specific needs of your company. We can work with you on a project basis or tailor an ongoing support package to make sure your focus on safety is maintained. The nature of our service offering to your business will be determined after a free initial consultation.

Our safety services

We provide practical safety solutions that focus on reducing the risk of injury to staff in the building trade. Our safety consultancy services include:


Our fully qualified safety consultants are trained to assess and review your organisation's safety processes and systems. We evaluate where we can build on your existing safety focus and introduce new services where you have the need. Our services in this area are varied and include:

  • Risk and hazard assessment
  • Job safety analysis
  • Noise/dust/asbestos/machine guarding risk reviews and testing
  • Drug and alcohol testing


Workplace safety compliance can seem like a daunting subject. We are here to help you make sense of your legal obligations in a wide range of areas. As part of our engagement with you, we send out regular communications to keep you up-to-date with changes in regulations and legislation.

  • PPE, safety equipment and signage compliance
  • Chain of Responsibility compliance
  • Expert advice in safety requirements for government tenders
  • Liaison with statutory bodies such as state OHS authorities on your behalf


Your safety management system will include a number of individual systems and processes that govern how safety is managed in your workplace. We can help you structure your safety committee and provide consultation where needed. Our service also includes implementing systems that identify hazards and control risks to minimise injuries. We can help with:

  • Advice on safety committee structure
  • Safe unloading of vehicles
  • Traffic management solutions


Effective safety plans are ones that are understood and followed throughout the company. To ensure employees are aware of their obligations, workplace safety training is an important part of the process. We can work with your safety committee to develop training material or we can be the training facilitators for your business. Our safety consultants can train your staff on the broader topics of safe work procedures and practices and workplace safety communications as well as delivering training specific to your operation.

  • Toolbox talks
  • Produce training material
  • Forklift safety training
  • Working from heights and in confined spaces
  • Train the trainer

We have developed safety documentation based on our own research and safety processes within CSR. We make this documentation available to you so that you have a clear understanding of what you must record and report as part of your safety management system. We are always monitoring best practices in safety documentation to ensure our material is of the highest standard.