Practical solutions for improving workplace health and safety

Workplace safety, also known as WHS, OHS and OH&S, is an important responsibility for all employers. No matter what the size of your business, having a properly structured safety management system is the key to a safe workplace for your workers and reduced risk of financial exposure. As an employer, you have a moral obligation to your employees as well as a duty of care that is governed by workplace safety legislation, so safety should be a top priority in your business.

Developing a safety management system can be overwhelming but it's nice to know you're not alone. Safety Xchange is a safety consultancy service available across Australia that is dedicated to helping you develop and refine your safety management system.

Workplace safety solutions for industry - Safety XChange

We work collaboratively with you to complete workplace risk assessments and safety audits, identify workplace hazards, provide training, create safe work policies and procedures and help develop safety plans specifically tailored to your organisation. Our aim is to help you place a focus on safety to ensure you meet your safety obligations to your employees as well as being compliant with workplace health and safety legislation.

Whether large or small, companies work hard to reduce costs to maximise their profitability. Successful ones also know the value that a wise investment can add to their business.

Employers who treat workplace safety as just another cost that needs to be avoided are at the greatest risk of the occurrence of workplace accidents and costly claims.

Where to start with your focus on safety?

You know it'vs an important and valuable investment and you're committed to meeting your health and safety obligations but where do you start?

Safety Xchange provides services to help with all your workplace safety, WHS and OH&S requirements. We understand your needs are unique and will work with you to ensure your investment in safety is matched to your budget and the needs of your company.

We offer the flexibility of either working with you on a project basis or through a range of Service Packages. Either way, you can get started on a better investment in safety from as little as $10 a week.

See what makes up a well-structured safety management system.

Where to Start - Safety XChange